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Navigating the Harbour

The harbour entrance lies between two piers. The main channel is indicated by red transit lights at night and diamond shapes by day 500m inside the pier heads on the South side of the harbour bearing 239° 38'. The leading lights at the approaches to Weymouth Harbour are high intensity units with a range of 7.5 miles.

Traffic signals are displayed in a vertical line from a mast on the South Pier. When passage in or out of the harbour is restricted the signals will be operational and the lights must be observed.

Please see Reeds Nautical Almanac 9.1.28 for full details. Download the traffic signals chart

Before entering the harbour, visiting vessels should
contact Weymouth Harbour for berthing advice; 
Call sign “Weymouth Harbour” on VHF channel 12 or have booked in advance.

Vessels visiting during 'silent' hours should proceed to a suitable berth as described on our Visiting Us page, if no vacant berth available please berth alongside a vessel of similar length and type.


Aerial Image Weymouth Harbour entrance










Speed Limits

The speed restriction is that operators of craft proceed at a speed whereby their "wash does not cause annoyance to other harbour users". If in doubt, look behind you, you may be surprised at the effect your wash is having on moored craft left bobbing and dipping in your wake.

Larger Vessels

Weymouth can accommodate larger vessels on our outer berths.  Movements of all larger vessels are indicated by the traffic lights on the south pier.  If you require advance warning of any vessel movements the berthing office would be able to help, please contact them direct on +44(0)1305 838423 or pop in.

Weymouth Harbour Rowing Ferry

Rowing Ferry

Small rowing ferries operate across the harbour. They will appear randomly at the point indicated on the outer harbour plan and we ask that you give way to them, giving them a wide berth at slow speed.