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On this page we will share project updates, photos and customer relevant information;

27 Mar 2024

Site Works Update

Ducting work has continued in compounds A and B, with still more programmed for compound A. Palisade fencing has been erected at compound C – the area near the top of the Pavilion car park - to prevent casual access to the commercial area. The base for the high voltage kiosk has been laid, along with mains water supply and Aco drains plus the very first building for the new fishermen facilities, the fish bait store is now in place. You will also have noticed lots of re-surfacing ... Read more...
29 Feb 2024

Site Works Update

Since our last update Knights Brown have continued with the ducting in compounds A&B. As compound A comprises the fish, catch, bait and ice stores, the progress in this area has probably been the most noticeable. The base for the low voltage kiosk has been laid and more ground excavation work has been taking place in Compound B (which covers the Commercial Area beyond the linkspan). They have also begun works on the east ramp adjacent to Compound B which continues the new public ... Read more...
29 Jan 2024

Site Works Update

Progress continues at Weymouth Peninsula; over the last month the Knights Brown team have almost completed the west ramp and davit crane bases. The demolition of Building F is finished and further ducting has been fitted at compounds A&B. An attenuation tank has been installed which will control the amount of storm water that runs off the site and is released into the local sewer systems. Without this, heavy rainfall could cause serious overloading of the exisiting infrastructure. In ... Read more...
4 Jan 2024

Progress at Weymouth Quay

Since our last update in mid-December, the team at Knights Brown have made significant progress, despite breaking for Christmas. Possibly the most notable change is the demolision of Building F; a rather significant time for Weymouth Harbour as we see the last traces of the ferry terminal buildings disappear! The slab for the fish bait store and fish landing stage are complete, and further progress has been made with drainage & ducting (compounds B&C). In the coming weeks, work ... Read more...
13 Dec 2023

Site works update

The Quay Regeneration works being carried out Knights Brown are progressing well, and the team report that they are currently a week ahead of schedule. The foundations for the chilled storage are now at height, with the foundations for the fuel storage tank, fuel delivery pad, and electric substation and switch room all well underway. Ducting for the main power supply has been laid around the entire site, which will provide increased capacity at the commercial vessel berths. Preparations ... Read more...
9 Nov 2023

Site Works Update

Knights Brown have now taken over the whole site. New service trenches are being dug for water, power and data cables to be laid. The concrete pad base for the chilled storage areas is being prepared. The initial hole has been dug, and the shuttering and re-enforcing elements of the foundation are being built. The Harbour Teams have moved all of the fishing storage pens to behind the Pavilion in order to make way for the various works (once the project is complete the gear will be moved ... Read more...
20 Oct 2023

Contractors on site for the WQRP

Despite the changeable weather this week contractors are on site and after undertaking groundwork surveys have begun to dig the foundations for the fishing storage areas. Read more...
12 Oct 2023

Weymouth Quay Regeneration work to start

Work is due to start at the Weymouth Harbour peninsula quayside next Monday, 16 October, to create new facilities for fishing, charter and harbourside businesses and improve the public spaces in this part of the harbour. Read the full press release here. Read more...