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bay Safety

Weymouth is renowned for its safe bathing waters and every endeavor is made to accommodate all of the various watersport activities in a safe harmonious way. We work closely with marine orgnisations such as:

Be Safe

For your safety and the safety of all users of Weymouth Bay, please read the information held within this section regarding going afloat, permit schemes and zoned areas in the bay.  Some key safety tips especially for children can be found in CoastWise's fun video.

Whatever your activity, please prepare for it, carry all the right equipment necessary and be aware of the weather, local tides (tide tables below), currents and danger areas.

2024 Portland Tide Tables © Crown Copyright and/or database rights. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (www.GOV.uk/UKHO).

Weymouth Bay Zoning Buoys

Please make yourself familiar with the Weymouth Bay zone buoyage layout and necessary information Weymouth Bay Chart and Weymouth Bay Water Sports Safety Information Leaflet.

Please refer to the following NTM's for more information:

RNLI Advice Onboard

The RNLI offers a free, friendly and confidential service that looks at the safety aspects of your boat. Conducted by a highly trained volunteer, Advice Onboard is a personal, face-to-face safety advice service that takes place onboard your craft. Visits are tailored to your vessel and the type of boating you do. For more information or to book a session call +44 (0) 845 045 6999 or visit the Advice Onboard section of their website.


Liferings are positioned at various locations around the harbour; please contact the harbour office if you see any housing units that are damaged or missing a lifering.

Reporting Damage or Incidents

Incidents involving damage or injury in the harbour should be reported to the Harbour Office as soon as possible via telephone or via the online forms

You may be asked to complete a Marine Accident Investigation Branch Form. Accident Report Forms are also available at the Harbour Office.