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Harbour consultative group

Harbour Consultative Group

To ensure the Harbours Committee has strong and direct links with harbour users, local communities and other external organisations with an interest in the port of Weymouth, the Weymouth Harbour Consultative Group meets up to 4 times a year: 

Harbour Consultative Group Chair Tim Day Tel: +44 (0)7791017382.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference set out the purpose of the Harbour Consultative Group and can be viewed or downloaded here.

Committee Members

Harbour Consultative Group Chair

Tim Day, +44 (0) 7791017382 timjday@icloud.com

Boat owners/non-commercial moorings

Alan Hale hale_alan@ymail.com or via his Weymouth Harbour Pontoon Berth Holders Facebook Group

Yacht club users within weymouth

Tim Day, +44 (0) 7791017382 timjday@icloud.com

training & education schools

Callum Seggie cseggie@ms-sc.org

commercial passenger carrying vessels

Rob Gray doctordrainsdorset@gmail.com

weymouth beach leisure users

Will Holmes WillHolmes@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk


Luke White (PCSO 844 Tel Dorset Police on 101, contact myself or report incidents online at www.dorset.police.uk)

dorset marine police

Jamie Thornton marinepolicingteam@dorset.pnn.police.uk

harbour traders

Dave Caddy, +44(0) 1305 766595dave@kingfishermarine.co.uk

DORSET council

Councillor Mark Roberts cllrmark.roberts@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Weymouth town COUNCIL

Councillor Colin Huckle cllrcolinhuckle@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Charter boats

Jamie Pullin rebel@deepsea.co.uk

commercial Fisherman

Andy Alcock 

boatfolk moorings

Neil Bedwell neilb@boatfolk.co.uk

Minutes of Meetings

2022 2023 2024
16 February 2022 8 February 2023 31 January 2024
18 May 2022 17 May 2023  
10 August 2022 16 August 2023  
17 November 2022 11 October 2023  

For minutes of meetings prior to those listed above, please visit the HCG Archive page.