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We are recruiting!

17 December 2021

Co-opted Independent Committee Member for the Dorset Council Harbours Committee

A new co-opted Independent Member is being sought to serve on the Dorset Council Harbours Committee, which is responsible for the running of Bridport, Lyme Regis and Weymouth harbours.  The harbours are a significant part of the local communities, at the heart of the Dorset and South Devon World Heritage Site.

Dorset Council Harbours Committee consists of ten voting members, six councillors selected by Dorset Council and four co-opted members with voting rights on matters relating to the harbours. 

This is an exciting opportunity for an independent minded person with appropriate expertise to offer. Applicants must have an interest in public service and be committed to developing the harbours in Dorset, making them financially self-supporting whilst balancing the conflicting interests which arise.

Role requirements

It is envisaged that the Harbours Committee will meet routinely four times per annum, usually in-person.  There may be additional meetings, special meetings, workshops and training.  Training in the Code of Conduct, Port Marine Safety Code and other harbour-related skills are mandatory for all members of the committee.

Person specification

Dorset Council is seeking a co-opted Independent Member who has expertise to offer the Harbours Committee at Board level in two or more of the following categories:

  1. Management of harbours, shipping and other forms of transport
  2. Local industrial, commercial, business, financial or legal (especially maritime law) matters
  3. Management of marine leisure activities
  4. Safety management
  5. Community issues
  6. Environmental matters
  7. Nautical experience including local area marine knowledge
  8. Any other skills and abilities considered from time to time by the Appointments Panel to be relevant to the discharge by the Committee of its functions
  9. Co-opted members may be recruited in specialist areas or fields in which there is no cover by Council officers.

The application should set out as clearly as possible the qualifications and expertise relevant to membership of the Harbours Committee, the motivation for wishing to serve on the committee and any initial thoughts on how the committee should fulfil its functions.

Additional information

Appointments will be made on an open, transparent and competitive basis with the aim of complementing the skills and abilities of existing committee membership to obtain a committee that is independent and fit for purpose rather than representative of particular interests. The intention is to open up appointments to the Harbours Committee to secure an appropriate range of expertise whether gained through professional or life experience to ensure that it functions effectively. This will ensure that the committee is able to provide the harbours with effective leadership, motivation and strategic direction.

Appointments shall be for three years from the date of confirmation of appointment.  An Independent Member may be appointed to a second but no further three year term without recourse to open competition.

Appointments to the Harbours Committee should be seen as a form of public service akin to that provided by becoming a councillor of a Local Authority or the like. Allowances paid to co-opted members of the Harbours Committee is in accordance with the Council’s members’ allowances scheme.  Co-Opted members are currently offered an annual allowance of £350 plus travelling expenses when attending committee meetings or carrying out other activities on behalf of the committee on the same basis as councillors.

Independent Members will be subject to the same Constitution and Code of Conduct as Local Authority Councillors and will be required to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office as required by law.  It is essential in the interests of openness and accountability that Harbours Committee Members are perceived not to be influenced or motivated by private interests in the discharge of their duties. All Harbours Committee Members therefore must declare any personal or business interests which might be construed by any reasonable person to influence their judgment on matters relevant to the Committee and the operation of the Harbours.

For further information please contact Jamie Joyce, Weymouth Harbour Master or click here for an information pack.

Telephone: 01305 838386

Email: jamie.joyce@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Closing date: Sunday 30 January 2022

Interview date: Week beginning 7 February 2022